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Moffitt Farms raises AMZA and IMZA registered miniature zebus.
We are also one of the only farms in the state of Arkansas that
have feral hogs that have been re-classified as domestic which
makes them legal to own in Arkansas.

Mission Statement

Moffitt Catahoulas strives to produce dogs of extreme work ethic
while maintaining excellent temperament and good conformation.

"We had rather have an ugly dog that works than a pretty dog that doesn't!"

If you were to die today,
do you know where you would spend eternity?

The Romans Road

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News & Happenings for 2016

Southern Boyz Hog Bay
Monett, MO May 7, 2016
Black Jack - 2nd place - 1 dog

21st Annual Uncle Earl's Hog Dog Trials
Winnfield, LA Mar 16-20, 2016
Black Jack & Deacon - 3rd place - 2 dog
Black Jack – bayed 2 perfects in 2 dog
Deacon – bayed 3 perfects in 2 dog
StingR, Deacon & Black Jack qualify for Best of the Best

Texas State Hog Baying Championships
Village Mills Bay Pen
Kountze, TX Jan 21-24, 2016
Black Jack - 1st place - Sportsmans class

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What is a Professional Bay Dog Field Trial?
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Uncle Earl's Hog Dog Trial Results

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Ben & Tasha Moffitt
1181 S 16th Section Rd
Monticello, Arkansas 71655
(501) 581-6575

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